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The List

No… this is not the 50 Best Employers in Canada list! It’s a list of my dreams…  of things to do with my wife and Children. It will all happen eventually… and you’ll see the blog entries next to it.

Days until the Camino de Santiago – Portuguese

Yong_sa’s list of things to do with his family:

  1. Walk the Camino de Santiago – Camino Frances
  2. Walk to Camino de Santiago – Camino Portuguese
  3. Skate the Rideau Canal together with Evelyn.
  4. Walk on top of the Great Wall of China
  5. Hike up Taebaek Mountain again
  6. Take the DMZ from the North Korea Side
  7. Road Trip Across Canada with my Family Done!
  8. Play Bruebeck on a Fasoli Grand Piano
  9. Baptize all of my Children Done!
  10. Live long enough to serve 5 missions with my wife
  11. Buy that house in front of a lake and next to a wooded forest – with a dock… the picture that I’ve been drawing ever since I was eight years old.
  12. Share my faith with my family… at least be brave enough to give them the opportunity to learn about it.
  13. Set foot in each continent at least once for more than a month.
  14. Get a master’s degree Done!
  15. Help Raise a boatload of money for a worthy cause. Feb 6/09
  16. Learn Chinese
  17. Learn French
  18. Re-learn Korean
  19. Read 10 books from the greatest books of all time.
  20. Visit Disneyland Done!, Legoland, Disneyworld Done! , Washington Science Museum, NASA with my children.
  21. Drive the Oregon coast for a couple of weeks. DONE!
  22. Take an all-inclusive trip to Mexico Done!
  23. Take a 14-day cruise to Alaska
  24. Take an Eastern and Western Mediterranean cruise
  25. Eat haute cuisine in France
  26. Eat Fish and Chips and Mushy Peas in London Done!
  27. Eat Dim Sum and sing annoying Karaoke in a Hong Kong Karaoke bar Done! April 8, 2011
  28. Visit the Harry Potter Castle Done!
  29. Eat a real Donair in Turkey
  30. See a Santorini sunset
  31. See the calving of a glacier Done!
  32. Eat Okonomiyaki in Kansai, Japan.
  33. Walk the Bund in Shanghai and have Xiao Long Bao Done! April 8, 2011
  34. Run around in circles, arms stretched out like an airplane in a grassy hill in Salzburg, singing like no one’s watching
  35. Stare across the waves crashing along the sandy beaches of PEI, speaking to Evelyn in languid low, reboading tones. (Ask LMM what that means) Done!
  36. Lobster in Nova Scotia Done!
  37. Eat real poutine in Quebec Done! 
  38. Philly Cheesesteak in Philedalphia, PA
  39. Visit the Sacred Grove in Palmyra, New York Done!
  40. Spend Canada day in Ottawa, Canada
  41. Go to Times Square, New York for New Year’s eve (unless a Canadian Equivalent can be found)
  42. Take a Train ride from Singapore to Beijing, China
    1. Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Done!
    2. Kuala Lumpur to Penang Done!
    3. Penang to Bangkok Done! 
    4. Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City
    5. Ho Chi Minh City to Beijing, China
  43. Take a Train ride from Beijing to North Korea
  44. Take a Train Ride through India
  45. Take a train ride from Beijing to Europe
  46. Help my children with their homework.
  47. Pray Read the scriptures with my children each day
  48. Take my children out somewhere fun at least once a month.
  49. Tell my wife that I love her… at least once a day.
  50. Clean up the house once in awhile
  51. Date night with Evelyn… as much as possible.
  52. Pet the Hachiko dog in Shibuya
  53. Take a Thai cooking course in Thailand Done!
  54. Learn how to cook 20 special dishes
    1. Butter Chicken
    2. Saag Paneer
    3. Roasted Brussel Sprouts
    4. Omelette
    5. French Fries
    6. Turkey Soup
    7. Spaghetti
    8. Poutine
    9. Pad Thai
    10. Tonkatsu
    11. Kimchee Chigae
    12. Taco beef
    13. Taco carne asado
    14. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
    15. Maple Walnut Ice Cream
    16. Tomato Soup
    17.  Place Holder
    18.  Place Holder
    19.  Place Holder
    20.  Place Holder
  55. Develop an Android/Iphone application and make $50,000 from it.

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