Carry on.

About me

What originally started out as a blog about my life as a student has become a repository of my thoughts, dreams and ambitions in life. The Red Onion, my personal blog, may contain more than its share of nuttiness, inaccuracies, fallacies and verbal diarrhea, but where else can I put it, if not on my blog?

Married to a beautiful, incredibly intelligent and loving wife… father of four children: two boys and two girls.

Piano Jazz affectionado with an ear for tone, soul for rhythm but neither the patience nor the time to put it to the keyboard or staves.

Geek with 5 year old technology… waiting to play with the latest technology as soon as it becomes affordable (5 years down the road).

Loves free stuff… in particular, Linux, open-source software, coupons and boxing day sales.

Lots of dreams… waiting for the opportunity to make them come true. (Update May 10, 2009) Doing all that I can to make them come true.

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