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Camino de Madeira del Perro – Day 3

The day started on the right foot – 8AM at St. Patrick’s parish. The parish priest was outside giving communion to the faithful (in a mask) and there were several who came received and left. A great sight to see. Upon learning that I was on a Camino pilgrimage, he offered me a blessing which was truly appreciated.

I made my way to the Maple Ridge city hall where the friendly staff provided me with a city stamp, a pin and a Christmas bell.

I made the long trek along Dewdney Trunk Road then along Lougheed Highway towards the Pitt River.

Towards the end of the dedicated path, right before the bridge, the entire area was completely flooded, knee deep. Either side was surrounded by either ditches or hedges. There was no escaping the fact that I had to wade through the water For about 50 meters. Luckily I didn’t drop my phone.

I changed clothes at Hoppcott meats and had lunch. Instead of a stamp, they provided a meat packing sticker with a nice message.

The rest of the walk was alongside the many commuters on Lougheed Highway. I ended off with a short visit to our Lady of Assumption parish and getting a stamp and pin from the fine folks at Port Coquitlam City Hall.

Legs are aching but getting used to it. No blisters! Looks like the vaseline, sock liners and smartwool socks are working!

Start: 8AM Finish: 4pm

Diatance: 20km



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