Carry on.

Abbotsford Sacrament Meeting – October 11, 2020

Words can inflict pain but can also remedy it.

Be kind. Even though the rest of the world is not.

Elder Nicolas Cruz

Adversity leads to blessings

  • We can learn about new things in the midst of adversity
  • The things we experience can bring us a big stress at the moment
  • But as we step back, we realize many blessings that have come as a result.
  • The point is that faith means trusting in good times and bad.
  • Christianity is comforting but is often not comfortable
  • The way through our adversity is always the same. It is through the Atonement of Jesus Christ
  • Don’t be surprised when adversity happens. It’s just part of life.
  • But the love of Jesus Christ does not change. It will always be there.
  • If your reflect on bednar message, you will use the Holy Ghost to learn. To teach you something for your life.

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