Carry on.

Sacrament Meeting – August 8, 2020

Take care. It is so easy to break eggs without making omelettes.

“My heart gets here first. After that, it’s easy for the rest of me to get here.”

We should aim to fill the measure of our creation. Why devote our time and energy to trivial things?

Are we on the path to regret or the path of eternal happiness?

Allow ourselves to be happy.

Now and when the pandemic is over,

  1. Decide to spend more time with those we love
  2. Decide to become more earnestly what God wants us to become
  3. Decide to develop the ability to find joy under any circumstance.

The center of our lives must be Jesus Christ and his gospel. We like the centering clay of a potters wheel, need to keep the commandments with exactness.

  • Pray anytime anywhere
  • Study the scriptures and write our revelations
  • Look
  • Look up. Be aware of the world around you. Serve. See people. Realize the blessings around us.
  • Hear Him. The Savior. Let The Spirit In. So we can be taught comforted and feel the Love of our Heavenly Father.

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