Carry on.

가서 행하리

We were asked to “go and do”, some at a great cost. Many of us “went and did” and were blessed immeasurably upon our return

In 1997, there was to my knowledge but one Filipino missionary serving in Korea. I’m very, very happy that since then, there have been many, many more. This video brought back many wonderful memories of the short time I had to share what I know to be true. It was a wonderful experience that I will always treasure – and will not trade it for anything else.

I am a firm believer that my family’s prayers sustained me and kept me safe while away. For that and for many other things they have done that have allowed me to serve, return and live a wonderful life, I am truly, truly grateful for.

Missionaries returned, presently serving, or future, whether you served for two years, 18 months a few months or are waiting for that call to leave, may His peace be and hope always remain with you.

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