Carry on.

Things don’t turn out the way you plan

Right now, I’m waiting in San Diego Airport to catch a flight to Denver and onto San Antonio. I’m going to visit my cousins there and run a half marathon.

Due to a whole lot of fog and snow in various places throughout the United States, I’ve been here since 11pm. Strangely, I’m not too upset about it. I submitted several job applications, scheduled an interview, got to try some great Texmex food. And the bright side is that I get to be there earlier than planned.

I came to realize that I had every chance in the world to choose how I’d respond to this situation that was beyond my control. I chose to be happy and remember that I’m on my way to see family and to run. And I can’t help. But smile. Really, it has been a great blessing.

Yes, things don’t turn out the way you plan them. But you can choose your reaction. Are you going to be bent out of ShapeAnd be angry? Or will you choose peace and joy?

Blech…. I’m half awake not really knowing what I’m writing. But I feel good. And I’m about to board… Now.

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