Carry on.

Gratitude Journal – June 27, 2016

Things that I am Grateful For:

  1. A career opportunity where people consider my input as valid and valuable
  2. Fresh, healthy salads for free
  3. A new start everyday


What would be great if it happened today:

  • Go for a run (that will make it two days in a row)
  • Take time to clean and to study for my exam
  • Make a milkshake

Daily Affirmation:

“I am transformed.”

What three amazing things happened today:

1. Went for a milkshake. Strawberry. 

2. Peaceful drive along Dewdney trunk road through Ruskin and Silverdale 

3. Helped resolve an issue at work. 

What could I have done today that would have made the day even better:

 Should have gone for a run. 

Scripture of the day:

 Helaman Chapter 15

Gospel Lesson of the day:

 You have been blessed with so much. Therefore much is required of you. 

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