Carry on.


It is easier to replace a job than it is to deal with the loss of your wife,  children and the people you love. This week I had a choice to make. I either to keep working or go home and take care of my wife and children. In the end I chose to take care of my wife and children. My work or more specifically the co-worker that is affecting my career here wasn’t too happy.

Although top statement above doesn’t make me feel better at the moment, I know that it is right and I will do it again and again and again. Through this experience I realized that this job is not for me. I cannot work for an employer with so little compassion that they pressure people to work when they have family to take care of at home. I need to look for a new job that respects and puts family first. I am going to look elsewhere. 

And the interesting thing about it all is that I felt peaceful,  at ease and excited finally something good will come. People complain and complain all they want but in the end and it is not work that matters in the long run. It is Family.

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