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2016 Goals

One thing that really worked well for me in the past was the concept of working towards a goal and reward.

Somehow,  that mindset gave way to going with the flow and taking what comes. Come what may. While it may work for others, the three years of stagnation and lack of growth or progression in many areas of my life have proved that this philosophy does not work for me.

I need to get back to basics. I need to strive for accomplishments. I am goal driven. I am reward driven. It works for me. I need to use it.

Below is the list of goals that I will achieve in 2016.

As in the past,  family related goals are not included here.

Academic and career
– Complete my PM certification – Feb
– Complete the Head First SQL workbook – April
– Earn a new role at my current employer or obtain a new position elsewhere.
Reward: Peace of mind and New Life

– Be a Full TP
– reduce consumer debt by $5000
– Save up for a ultra High def TV $100 per month
– Save up for Christmas
Reward: Peace of mind and new TV

Physical and emotional
– Get to a healthy weight 180 lbs
– train and run for Whistler (June) and MEC (October) half marathons.
– No more than 1 week and two days of downtime
– maximum number of rest weeks: 3
– Enjoy one personal LW per quarter.
Reward: Years added to life and Refurbished Laptop in December

– Complete and keep up with all Gospel Doctrine readings and write my impressions each Sunday.
– 100% Personal morning and evening prayer.
Reward: Joy and new set of scriptures.

Reward for accomplishing all goals above: Trip to Thailand/RP, Alaska or Mexico in 2017

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