Carry on.

Being happy

One of the things I need to develop is the ability to be truly happy for others. Just because their lives are going great and that they’re also doing the things that I want to do doesn’t mean that my life is a failure.

This feeling that tries to creep inside me whenever I see people travelling,  getting the jobs they want,  experiencing life to the fullest – the envy,  the resentment,  the intense longing…  Is a cancer that must be eliminated.  Avoiding possible triggers only temporarily shuts out the problem. Namely the attitude I have.  This constant comparing,  this constant frustration has gotten the better of me lately,  I admit. I must change this attitude and replace it with gratitude in any situation and gladness for others in my heart.

The truest sign that I have over come this particular weakness is to face the fortunes of others head on and smile…  Truly smile,  knowing that they are happy. And that they are content.

And that joy for them should be enough for me. If done right, it can cover any disappointment. It could become the joy that is in me.

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