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Writing in the dark – my first blog post as a Torontonian

I remember M. Russell Ballard’s talk about a young man who sold all that he had with dreams of making it big by going to California during the gold rush. When he had finally arrived, he realized that he couldn’t find the gold nuggets he was looking for. An old, experienced prospector, sensing his frustration, walked up to him and explained that the riches didn’t come from collecting big nuggets of gold, but by collecting tiny flecks of gold one tiny piece at a time.

So far, that’s what’s been going on as I continue to make the transition from an MBA student to a graduate looking for that first big job. It’s been quite a challenge trying to find that job that I had been looking for. No interviews, no promotions – but a transfer from my role in Vancouver to the same role in Toronto.

Perhaps I’m trying to do to much. It’s not an easy thing to move your whole family across the country to start a new life. I guess I’m ahead of many people – I have a good job and a great place to live. Schools are close, my wife is working at a job that she loves and we’re safe with a secure roof over our heads.

I admit, I’m writing this entry in frustration as the job search hasn’t gone as well as I had hoped. But I know that something will turn up soon. It just has to. And I’m doing all I can to make sure it does. With a bit of faith and a lot of hard work, it will happen. I just need to be patient to find the right one.

We’ve moved to a great location that is within walking distance from the chapel, our children’s schools and is close to transit to downtown. The commute is only a few minutes longer than my commute in Surrey. We enjoy¬†using the pool in the building, and the rooms for our kids are slightly larger than our former place. We’re quite pleased with the location and know that it will be a great place to start our new life.

We’re not alone. My sister is also here¬†across town. Haven’t visited with them yet, but invited them to thanksgiving here. Friends from Vancouver who now live here have been so kind to us, inviting us often. The kids have fun with their children – and I hope that they become good friends.

Driving is crazy. Speed limits are often looked upon as mere suggestions, rather than laws. Around 11:30 pm or so, a guy in a loud motorbike likes to speed down the road roaring the engine as he/she passes. Gas is cheaper though, which is a nice bonus.

Food is plentiful and cheaper than Vancouver. So much variety due to the ethnic diversity here in Toronto. Pity that our budget at the moment doesn’t allow much for the opportunity to try. But that will come as we get settled here.

N is in middle school now and enjoys his gymnastics club – and has a much nicer coach that treats him with respect. E an Z are in French immersion and are doing well. C didn’t get admitted to the French program, but he seems to like his school. Can’t complain there.

E. seems to like the place, despite being near the top of the apartment building that we moved into. She is still looking forward to the day where we will have a house. I hope that someday, I can deliver.

Until next time.


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