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Happy Birthday to Me! The past two years.

I was talking to my wife the other day and mentioned, “Wow. Now when I fill out surveys, I have to tick the next category! I can no longer select 25-35.” Silly, yes – but also significant. I’m growing older. And I need to take advantage of the time that I have been blessed with.

In the past two years since I’ve made a birthday blog entry, so much has happened. Watching my toddlers grow into happy, rambunctious children… my son growing from a boy to a young man… amazing. I’m almost done my MBA program. I went to the Philippines to visit my wife’s family, and saw my wife the bravest that I have ever seen her. I went to Hong Kong and China – a trip that I have been wanting to take my entire life. Went to Toronto for the first time and felt like anything was possible if you worked at it. I Went to Toronto the second time and realized that the sentiment was absolutely true.

There have been highs and lows. But the whole time, I have never been alone. I have always been supported by my wife and children and other hands both seen and Unseen. I will not forget that all that I have, and all that I will ever be given will be at the Hands of the Maker who has never disappointed me – even though there have been many, many times I’ve done the opposite to Him. And yet, I am still blessed.

So what do I do now? 2012 looks to be an amazing year of you guessed it… change.

This May, I will complete my education at UBC. In 1993, I would have never imagined it will take this long to “storm that wall” of my life. But 17 years later, I will finally fulfill my promise to my parents and graduate from UBC.

Our family will sell our home, pack our belongings and make the move to Toronto. While we love it here and we wish we could stay, the job opportunities and housing prices don’t make it possible for us to raise a family here. I have been fortunate to have such forward thinking parents who moved here at just the right time for the privilege of living here in Vancouver in such wonderful circumstances. By moving to Toronto, my wife and children will have the chance to taste the life that I had lived – a detached house in a safe, affordable neighborhood – surrounded by water and tasting a wide variety of cultures and experiences.

I will have a new job. Whether that job will be with current employer or with a new one remains to be seen. At the very least, I will transfer my role to Toronto – that much has been approved. But without that significant increase in pay and opportunity, the move won’t make much sense – particularly since I have completed my degree. I’m looking for new opportunities to make use of my education – to do something I’m good at, that I enjoy and that I will be compensated fairly for.

On our way to Toronto, I will be able to fulfill another dream – to take my family across this great country of ours from coast to coast.

The best part about 2012? I will finally be able to put my school days behind me… and give more time and attention to my wife who has sacrificed much over the past two years – all so that I could read books, write reports and get a piece of paper that says I did so. In return, she will receive a husband that is educated, full of confidence and with the skills and abilities that will help make her dreams come true – the detached house being one of them. I will finally be able to spend evenings with my family again, having dinner, playing with them and talking to them. And exploring the city and the surrounding area with them.

I can now add more focus to my health – which has been waning recently. Looking to run a 10K this May, and then a half marathon in the fall, with a full marathon in 2013. Not sure how to do it, but that’s my goal.

Where did my 35th year go? It was so fast – perhaps because so much had happened. What a remarkable things has my Father in Heaven shown me. I need to be more faithful in His teachings and commandments. I need to have his Spirit with me. And I need His help in all of the above if any of them are to happen. I must remember that.

Anyway, best wishes for 2012 to everyone who happens to come upon this blog entry. Nobody reads personal blog entries anymore. If anything, this blog continues to be the occasional personal outlet. Going back on some of the entries is a treat – a great way to see how Unseen Hands contribute to my life – and to call to my remembrance the important things.

Until next time…

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