Carry on.

Just seven more months.

It is so close.

Just eight more modules to freedom and I can confidently say that I am finished with school. It’s not that I’m not learning or enjoying the courses. Quite the contrary. I haven’t Learned so much in such a short period of Time, and I love the program.

What I long for is some quality time with the ones I care about, the security of a job that fits, the taste of a home cooked meal, and the love of my life with me by my side always instead of a textbook and the dim glow of a study lamp.

Yesterday was our 11 th anniversary. I can only wish that I could give her what she deserves. I working on it, and it is taking a lot more time Than what I had originally anticipated. But get there we will, seven months from now.

She has been so patient, especially in the last year. The endless study sessions, information sessions, interviews and symposiums. And she has not complained once. I hope to find that job that will reward her accordingly.

Just pushing through. We will succeed. Just need to endure well, the next seven months.

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