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MBA games reflection.

I found this post on my ipad and noticed that i had not posted it to the blog. It’s December 22nd 2011. Incidentally I’ll be attending the 2012 games as well.


Right now, I am in Toronto at the tail end of a wonderful weekend attending the MBA games. Who would have imagined just one year ago that I would actually be here, competing with 20 of the best business schools in the country and meeting people from coast to coast to coast.

I was the only part time student there. The rest of the 39 delegates on our team came from the new full time classes. I was also the oldest member of the team too, competing with people several years younger than me.

And you know what? I actually held my own. I actually contributed effectively to the case study that was given and helped shaped to what we thought was a compelling presentation. It was a nice to know that I have learned a few things during my studies and that I can compete alongside some smart people.

The highlight of the weekend for me was the keynote speaker, Arelene Dickinson. The big takeaway from her talk: the minute you lose the ability to choose is the time where all is lost. So true. The mistakes and choices that we Make have a profound effect on our ability to choose in the future.

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