Carry on.

Trip of a lifetime

One thing is certain. We were meant to be there. So many things just fell into place to allow us to go. Heavenly Father wanted me to be there in spite of my selfishness and resistance. He knew I needed it, opened the door and walked me through.

My wife did it. She told the truth to her mom. Instead of the despair that everyone else thought would come, resolve to live to see the rest of her children came. She decided to eat more and to take her medication. We were right. By exercising a little faith, her mother decided to endure.

I administered a blessing on both her mother and her father. The Spirit was in attendance. Both to give counsel and comfort.

For me, the heat wasn’t as hot as I thought it would be, although I did sweat a lot. Clouds were there to block the sun for the most part, but very little rain, fortunately.

I got to see Evelyn’s beach – a most relaxing swim. I got to see her elementary school.

Hard to imagine how happiness can be had for so little. And yet, Evelyn is living proof that satisfaction lies within – not from acquisitions.

I only wish that I had the money to help her family. But I have very little to give. I hope that next time I come, I will be able to provide more to make her brothers’ lives more easier.

Living there wasn’t difficult for me. You get used to Tabo baths quite easily. Jeepneys and tricycles make for a fun and exciting mode of transportation. The wet market is easily one of the funnest places to be in despite the smell… Actually because of the smell.

I loved it there, and it was hard leaving after such a short visit.

Evelyn is there until the 14th. Although I miss her dearly, I hope she has a most fulfilling and peaceful time there. And that she accomplishes everything that she set out to do.

Truth of the matter is, I was very proud of her to see her overcome her fears and tell her mom the truth. I have never been more proud of her. It wasn’t easy, but she had the faith.and the Spirit carried her and her mom the rest of the way.

I am so happy we went. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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