Carry on.

First thoughts while in the Philippines

How fortunate am I to have been given so much.

It’s hard to see how my wife’s family has been almost tasting success, but never achieving success due to their poor circumstances. And with my current financial situation, there is little that I can do but only give a little to ease their burdens, even just a little bit.

My wife is having difficulty trying to tell her mother the truth about her condition. Standing from the sidelines, it’s so easy to say that she has to do it. But I can’t possibly imagine what she is going through. I can only help her by comforting her.

It’s quite late now, everyone’s asleep except for my wife and her mom and me. She’s downstairs, telling her the truth. I’m on the staircase waiting, just in case she needs me. I pray that they will not be interrupted. I pray that the Spirit will be there. I pray that her mom will take it well and that my wife will have the courage to tell the truth. That her mom is dying. That she needs to prepare while she has strength. And that she will stay positive and make good use of the time.

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