Carry on.

Summer 2010

With the start of the PNE comes the start of the beginning of the end of summer. I haven’t written that much, obviously. To sum it all up, Summer 2010 was one of the most happiest summers that I have ever had in a long time.

I spent it with my wife, children and family.

I was able to put a checkmark next to one of my goals on “The List”. We visited the Oregon coast as a family.

Took my wife to Portland and we pigged out on $5.00 Thai food from a street vendor.

Had my yearly deep fried mars bar at the PNE with my son.

Went to two parades with the family.

Got licked on the nose with a new extended member of the family: Jasper – mom’s new puppy.

My employer announced that they’ve merged with another company.

School’s going wonderfully well.

Brought down my cholesterol to a healthy level.

Realizing, that life isn’t really as bad as I used to think it was – and that it’s being led by Someone who has been guiding me all along even though I didn’t realize it.

It’s been wonderful. I hope we can continue it throughout the fall.

More details (and pictures) to come if time permits.


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