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Gondolas and opportunity

I went with some of my fellow classmates to Whistler for the weekend. Originally, I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to network and get to know more of my classmates better. It was and that objective was accomplished. But in the end, it was an unexpected opportunity to for me to have some time alone and learn more things about myself.

On Saturday, after going up the Whistler gondola, I took the Peak Express: a very high, very long gondola that went to the top of Whistler mountain. It was here where I realized that I didn’t particularly enjoy going over huge precipices, or gliding over craggy cliffs. It was an uncovered  gondola – and that increased the effect. I realized then and there that perhaps going on a zip line at this point wouldn’t be appropriate for me! đŸ™‚ I hiked around the back of the mountain and back down to the main area. Along the way, I saw a huge marmot along with some of the most beautiful, unspoiled views I have ever seen. Felt like Captain Von Trappe for a few minutes hiking up there in such beautiful vistas.

I went on the Peak-to-peak gondola, the highest gondola in the world at over 1400 feet above the ground and 4.5 km long. It was much more bearable considering that it was covered. After a nice rest, I went alone  and ate at Araxi and had a most delicious and satisfying meal – I’ll write specifically about that on a separate post.

Yes, lots of bucket list things, but It was nice to get away for a little bit and do things that I wouldn’t normally do. Reflecting on the weekend I spent, I realize that seeing new places, doing new things and pushing myself to do things that I’m not normally comfortable with – it’s a lifestyle that I truly crave and hope to make part of my life. I hope that my wife and children will have that opportunity to push themselves to new, positive experiences – things that most people won’t normally have the opportunity to do.

I need to do well in school and get a better job opportunity so they can have that.

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