Carry on.

Weekend with the family

It has been awhile since I have given myself the chance to spend the entire weekend with my family. I dropped all of the assignments, put away the mobile devices (for the most part), turned off the TV, packed a picnic basket and just drove.

We ended up at Cultas lake for the day to celebrate my wife’s 35th birthday. For a brief moment I experienced a small part of what heaven is like. Yes, perhaps an exaggeration, as I am prone to do, but having no frame of experiential reference to that, I can comfortably say that this was one of the best days I have had in a long time.

I didn’t worry about money, school, employment, challenges and shortcomings and lack of travel prospects. All I had done was cook kalbi and watched my wife and children laugh, swim and play, enjoy the surroundings and feel the special Spirit that comes with spending time with the people that you love.

I love it and I am truly grateful that Heavenly Father gave me this time. It was, indeed, an answer to a prayer… for time.

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