Carry on.

Can’t figure it out.

It’s 1:15 in the morning an d everyone is fast asleep. I just can’t get to sleep. Tonight, I just can’t shake this feeling that there’s something more to life than this.

Perhaps with school on hiatus for the summer I can figure it out. I haven’t been at home much, had to miss church a few times due to class. Maybe I’m just burnt out and I need a vacation. Or, at the very least some regular sleep.

I’m tired. But I am glad that we were able to make it so far. I say “we” because it’s not just me that’s going through the struggle. It certainly not easy to be the wife of a student and the ,other of four small children. I think, no, I know she has the tougher job. And she has been so patient and kind to me in spite of all my absences. Sometimes it feels like I spend more time at the bat cave on Robson Square campus than at home. And yet she still smiles when I get home.

I cannot afford to fail her. She has sacrificed so much for me.

At the same time , I need to figure things out. What is my passion? What do I enjoy doing the most? How can I parlay that into my career? My life? How can I make it enough to support a family of six?

Tough questions, certainly. But essential for a satisfying and fun career.

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