Carry on.

Time to think

It’s strange. I actually have a few minutes of quiet to think. Not about accounting ratios or four frames of leadership, but about things that really matter. Things like, am I doing good job as loving husband? As a good father? A member of the church? A brother? A son? A friend?

Life has gone by so fast for me the past ten years of blogging my life. There is very little time to reflect. Looking back, there really is a lot of room for improvement. And still, the people that I care about the most are still here. Particularly my wife and particularly my children.

Sure, they don’t really have a choice, but I know they still love and care about me in spite of my recent absences.

I can do better. I just hope that as I fill my time with all of these things expected of me that I continue to have a peaceful and kind heart to all that I come into contact with. Yes, the temptation is there to think, “I give up.” or “None of this really matters anyway”. Or to give into the frustration of not having enough time. But those feelings are neither productive nor true. I pray for strength to enjoy the time, however limited, to learn, grow progress and to bring my wife and children along with me for the journey, with a happy heart and a peaceful countenance.

I need to re commit to enduring it well.

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