Carry on.

The few things of value

Last night I stayed way too late at work working on some vital pieces for the rest of the team. Came home at 11:30pm I think. Another night without my family, coming home when they are fast asleep.

The next morning my oldest gave me a “trusted adult” certificate. I’ll upload a copy when i get a chance. Wow. How humbling it is to know that they’re trusting me. Even after all these nights when I’m at the library, all this time away, they trust me and love me.

So this morning I decided to go to work a few hours late. Spent the morning with my younger ones. I sat on the couch and they sat beside me without me having to ask. We read the newspaper together. I got up and played the four chords to “don’t stop believing” continuously. Then, spontaneously, Euna started singing to the song. Nit the actual words, but words that came to her mind. Then Calvin. Zeta on the couch just sat there enjoying it. I played four chords, the same four chords for half and hour. And it was fun.

I’m glad for these small reminders and moments where we can spend time together. Though they may be few and far between, they are most valuable to me. Yes, it’s necessary for me to study and work. It can only help us in the future. But it’s also necessary to take the time.

I am grateful for such wonderful children who are as understanding as children could be, and a loving wife who supports me.

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