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Temple youth celebration and dedication

We had a wonderful opportunity to sit a few feet away from the Prophet of the Lord at the temple youth celebration! To see all the youth there and to see all the work the put in to make it happen gave me a lot of hope for the church and for the world. We’re growing. And it’s nice to see how the future leadership of the Church is preparing. President Monson counseled everyone to be an example of the believers. Good advice for everyone. I need to be sure that all the decisions I make are much more beyond reproach. I need to be honest in my dealings. I need to work hard. Above all, I need to treat my family more kindly and point them to the temple.

The next day, my son, wife and I went to the Surrey Stake Centre for the temple dedication. What a wonderful experience! During the dedication, I recalled the day I decided to the join the Church. No matter what happened, no matter what hardship I faced, I wanted this feeling, this knowledge, this church for any children that I would have the privlege of raising. I wanted the Church in my life and the lives of my family. To see my son sing and take part in the sacred event was enough to move me to some quiet (hopefully hidden) tears. I realized that here and now, my dreams were being fulfilled.

Our children will have this sacred edifice to look to. We will all have a place to go to that we may find the answers to the questions of our lives. We have a place of instruction, of comfort and of solace. And we have a place for my children to be sealed to their companions for time and all eternity.

What a wonderful day. A day to remember.

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