Carry on.

Wow! Some time to think!

Funny… During the past two months of crazy busy, I told myself that when I get a chance to think that I would write, write, write about the things that I learned.

The strange thing is that when I finally get some time to myself to write these down, my mind draws a blank. Probably just so much has happened.

School is going by smoothly. but there’s so much to do, so many assignments to put together, and so many things to learn. I love it. And in hindsight, the timing couldn’t be better.

P90X isn’t going as well. I’ve started and stopped several times. This time around, I’ve decided to do the reward thing. One full week of p90x = 1 episode of Glee downloaded. Yeah. Call me a nerd, but that’s just how I’ve wired myself over the years.

One of the greatest things that happened recently? My mom and sister visited the temple during the open house. Thank goodness for a wife more braver and faithful that me. I hope that the visit gave them some insight and some food for thought. Evelyn told me my favorite place is the nice long staircase. Immediately, mom thought, “Sound of music. That’s why he likes it!” Never thought of it that way, but it’s true.

Anyway, I like this. Have a great day everyone!


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