Carry on.

Remember to have Hope.

Someone must be praying for me.

But this evening, I’ve never felt more calm, more at peace and more hopeful than I have in several months.

Things that I’ve learned lately:

Sadness, if left unchecked, can lie to you. It can convince you to believe some of the most heinous of all lies. It is the tool of the adversary to twist you. To hurt you. To pull you away from the light of truth.

Hope, and its close cousin, faith… hope and faith in truth and righteousness, even the Savior, can conquer and overcome sadness.

Prior to today, hope was a commodity that I did not cherish or recognize. That’s why I was so miserable, so full of despair and empty of life and vigour.

But today, the small bit of hope and faith invested in reading and viewing things of hope, filled and exceeded the pain that I felt.

And the thing that caused me to feel so much grief? Of no consequence.

And my dream? My new dream? To give my wife and children the happiest, most extraordinary life they deserve. And maybe,  just maybe along the way, all those other dreams I had before can come true too.

If you prayed for me, or even thought about me in the past little while, hoping that I’d feel better, thank you. It worked. It really did.

And here’s what started it all for me today. Take a good look and take it to heart. Perhaps it can give you a little push to feel better.


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