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MBA games reflection.

Right now, I am in Toronto at the tail end of a wonderful
weekend attending the MBA games. Who would have imagined just one
year ago that I would actually be here, competing with 20 of the
best business schools in the country and meeting people from coast
to coast to coast. I was the only part time student there. The rest
of the 39 delegates on our team came from the new full time
classes. I was also the oldest member of the team too, compting
with people several years younger than me. And you know what? I
actually held my own. I actually contributed effectively to the
case study that was given and helped shaped to what we thought was
a compelling presentation. It was a nice to know that I have
learned a few things during my studies and that I can compete
alongside some smart people. The highlight of the weekend for me
was the keynote speaker, Arelene Dickinson. She said that each of
us was the Captain of our own ship. The minute you give up your
power to choose is the time when all is lost. This statement really
hit home to me. How many times in my life have I allowed myself to
lose the ability to choose? Luckily, through the support of my wife
and my family, I have been given the chance to regain my ability to
choose and take advantage of these opportunities here while I am at
school. It applies to career, education, life and also to my faith.
I must complete and do well in this education so I can have a
choice in my career. I must work hard at work so that it doesn’t
become a bore or a dead end that I can’t leave. I must get out of
debt so I can make better financial choices. I must live my faith
more fully and with conviction so I can retain my agency. If I do
not do these things, all hope will be lost. It is essential for
happiness, for me and my family. I will not fail them. I travelled
around on the subway here in Toronto. It is certainly a different
world compared to Vancouver. You can find anything that you want
here in the city quite easily. The harbor is absolutely beautiful
and the food is excellent. I have heard that Scarborough and
Mississauga are great places to move to. I think Evelyn would like
it here. The kids would too. Perhaps it is time to strongly
consider Toronto in our future plans. It has been one year since I
started my MBA program. I am so happy that E encouraged me to start
sooner, rather than later. I would have never imagined it would
take me this far.

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