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Happy Anniversary

Nine years ago today, I had the privilege of taking my wife’s hand across the altar and be sealed to her for time and all eternity. I remember that day so clearly in my mind as if it was yesterday.

Young,  penniless and inexperienced, those two people had no idea what was in store for them over the next nine years. Little did they know that there would be several children, several career moves and a whole lot of change, change and more change.

But it’s because of those experiences that we been through together that I can say that I love my wife even more than I did back then when I had kissed her for the first time as her husband. We’ve toiled together, celebrated together and continue to walk hand in hand to make our life a wonderful one.

Well… nine years later, we’re still young. And yes, it really feels like we’re still penniless. But I feel that the love of my life has blessed me so much. Her unwavering faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ inspires me. Her sharp intellect and talents excite me. Her beautiful big-teethed smile is something that I look forward to each day. She is the source of my hope, my joy and my peace. With all the sacrifices that she has made for all of us, I can only hope that I can provide her with as much love as she has given me.

I love you.

Happy anniversary.

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