Carry on.

Keep your drawer clean

About eight months ago, I bought some discount passes to the movie theatre hoping that sometime, I’ll be able to take my wife out for a nice evening. With everyday life busy as it is, they got trapped in a drawer, unused and forgotten.

Eight months later, my wife cleaned up the drawer in the kitchen and decided to treat me to a nice evening at the Colossus theatre to watch “Julie and Julia” – something that I have been dying to see for months.

Although the movie was just Ok, the part that I liked the best was that she leaned on my arm (whether out of boredom or otherwise) for most of the film. It’s been awhile since she has been able to do that. I will always remember that feeling.

On a side note, having poutine at the theatre is a welcome addition to the menu!

The lesson? Keep your drawer clean. You might just find a wonderful memory waiting to be experienced.

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