Carry on.

To begin is half done.

One of the most challenging things is to get started, especially if you know that you have more than a mountain of things to do.

But once you get started, very quickly you will find that it gets easier and faster as you make your way through the task at hand. More often than not, people tend to “hmmm” and “haaaa” for much longer than they do the task!

E would like to switch to a different jobm preferable one that doesn’t involve going from house to house in a clunker of a car. So she has applied to superstore mcdonalds and a few other places. I hope she finds what she’s looking for at a wage that she’s satisfied with. I also hope she finds a place that will treather fairly and with respect.

The old man just started school again. I gave him a blessing and I hope that he will take it to heart. This year, I hope he will develop an independent, compassionate heart and mind – something that seems to be missing in the hearts of many these days.

The twins are growing quickly and it’s neat to see the contrast in personalities. One is a “girly girl”. The other is a “boss lady”. But I love them both.

The youngest is developing into an easy going carefree, quick to smile boy. He loves to eat, relax on anything comfortable. If only I can learn to relax like he does.

I need to learn to look up once in awhile and take a look around. Before their lives flash forward too quickly to notice.

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