Carry on.

The mobile web: info at anytime.

When I switched to my current cell phone carrier, I explicitly stated to the CSR to disable the mobile web due to the horrendous data charges. I had been burned before by the exhorbent fees.

Recently my carrier introduced unlimited mobile browsing and data use, including 3rd party applications for an extra 5 dollars a month! Plus free evenings from 5pm.

Now they added it on but couldn’t guarantee that it would work, due to the fact I’m using an unlocked phone from HK.

So I updated the appropriate settings and bam! Twitterberry, opera, gsync are all working just fine. No BB internet data plan required!

Let’s just say that I’m hooked. But the true test would be the billing in August. If they charge for it, the feature goes off. If they give it for free, then a new source of info is at my fingertips.

Googling, twittering and fb on the fly! Sounds good to me!

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