Carry on.

You know what they say…

“Necessity … is the mother of invention” ~ Plato

Last week, I drove into our driveway and dropped the children off in the house… I heard a strange hissing noise.

It turned out that there was a hole in my tire.

I quickly locked the door, drove the car into the garage (so we won’t be fined for parking in the firelane) and noticed a tiny metal piece sticking out of the tire. I grabbed a pair of pliers and tugged at the piece.

It turned out to be a two and a half inch long drill bit that a contactor left in the driveway. If you’re still around, I’ll be happy to give it back!

But the tire quickly lost air as we frantically looked through the manual trying to figure out where the jack was and how to get access to the spare tire. To make matters worse, the retaining bolt that holds the spare tire in place was directly underneath the rear door latch – inaccessible since we broke the handle last fall!

We had to get the tire repaired and we had no BCAA coverage. So for the first time in my life, I jacked up the car and removed the tire. Brought it to Wal mart and they repaired it for free!

In the past three months, I also learned how to change the oil in the car, top off the fluids in the battery and how to check the oil to see if it was okay.

I had also replaced LCD screen on an old camera and on on our laptop, installed a car stereo… All in all, we saved over $900, doing these things ourselves. And the best part about it is that they’re in great working condition.

Although I’m no fix it pro by any means, doing things yourself if you have a little know how can save you a lot of money. Now we don’t have to buy the new laptop that I’ve been itching for… I think I can stretch this laptop for at least another two years.

And another cool thing is that by trying it out, you force yourself to learn new things. And if it it saves you money, even better!

Hopefully we can continue this Do it Yourself streak for a little bit longer.

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