Carry on.

Is it time to go back?

I went to the UBC Part-time MBA program today. Three days of classes every three weeks, doesn’t interfere with work, less expensive and is one of the top 5% of the MBAs out there… it sure is compelling. Just two blocks away from work, and a great core program. It looks promising. With a  network of over 30,000 graduates in 70 countries, it may be worth it. The next stage of my career will require it, as I get closer to that position.

It just may be time to go back to UBC and complete my degree there. It felt comfortable. And unlike the other information sessions that I’ve attended, the school didn’t have the pretentious snobbery or stuck up attitude.

I could realistically see myself completing my Masters there.

Well, I’ve requested an admissions assessment appointment with them. We’ll see how it goes and we’ll see if I actually have a shot.

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