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Back to school soon again?

There is one thing that has been stuck in my mind the past few months: How will we be able to afford to save for our four children’s education? Missions?

How will E. and I be able to serve together on our own missions? How about retirement? Our the five bedroom house that we’ve been dreaming about? The one with the wrap around porch.

I realize that I will need a much higher paying job in the next few years if we are to accomplish those goals. I will need a much higher education in order to increase my career prospects.

Then just a few days ago E. and I talked about it. She suggested that going back to school sooner, rather than later would be a great idea.

I considered the possibility of entering an MBA program, but I wasn’t able to find a good program that didn’t overlap with my BBA degree. And then I remembered some great advice a former dean at Capilano gave. “Work hard for a few years at your new place of employment. Then consider either an Executive MBA program, or an accelerated MBA program that is geared toward business graduates.”

The Queen’s School of Business has a number of programs that fit the bill quite nicely. Their Cornell-Queens EMBA seems to be the front runner at the moment, followed by their Accelerated MBA program for business graduates. The first one makes a lot of sense since it lines up with my career prospects in growing with my employer with its headquarters in the United States. From a time and cost standpoint, the second program would be a nice option as well.

There are some other institutions that I’m considering: The Royal Roads EMBA in management consulting and the Project Management MBA at Athabasca University. Both have excellent programs but do not have the network clout that the Queen’s programs have. The Thunderbird Global MBA seems like an excellent fit – particularly since it’s an international-focussed curriculum. But the $120,00 cost doesn’t seem too realistic.

Which brings us to the issue of cost. I contacted a few financial institutions and they have all been positive. They have all told me that it is entirely possible to finance the education costs, especially since we own our own home, and provided that we pay off most of our debts – which we can certainly do by the time I start. The decision to purchase this small, humble townhouse was perhaps the best decision we made. It is our key to the next step in my education and career.

I will need to train up for the GMAT one more time. The current score, while adequate, is not competitive. I’m actually considering investing in a GMAT course. It will cost some money, but it will be worth the expense in the long run. If any of you have any suggestions on prep courses, let me know. I can’t afford to let this go to chance.

So, it looks like this blog is getting back to its roots. By 2011, it will once again become a journal of my experiences in University. Wish me luck!

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