Carry on.

I spent 19.95 on Winnie Lau? That’s 19.95 that I’ll never get back.

Going through a bit of insomnia at the moment. E’s delivering her newspapers, the kids are asleep upstairs… so I thought that I’d spend the time ripping my old CDs to MP3.

There are a few gems there… Alanis Morisette, Harry Connick Jr, John Lennon…

But I am stunned at how much of it was a collection of Melodramatic crap, a hodge-podge of incessant whining only meant to fuel my bouts of depression and longing for things I didn’t have or love that went unrequited. Other CDs reflect what was in style at the time (Canto-pop Summer Party comes to mind). I don’t know what ever possessed me to by the WInnie Lau CD (I only listened to it once). I spent 19.95 on Winnie Lau? That’s 19.95 that I’ll never get back.

Still, there’s a lot of good stuff that I’ve managed to glean over the years. Matthew Sweet, Forrest Gump Sound track, sleepless in Seattle Soundtrack… a far cry from the Kanye West, Ne-Yo, Kelly Clarkson music that seems to be popular these days.

A few months ago, I asked my niece if she ever heard of Bryan Adams.

“Who’s Bryan Adams?”

Sacrilege! Especially coming from a Vancouver resident. That just proved that yong_sa’s becoming an old fart.

Just last week I heard old school Babyface on the superstore aisles… in INSTRUMENTAL format no less. That really made me feel like I need to buy a package of Depends while I shopped for Pampers for the kids.

And for all you Millenial Gen Y people out there, laughing at my present predicament, IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU! The day will come when while you’re walking down the aisles of your local Superstore, buying your first pair of ear hair clippers, you will hear the elevator music equivalent of “I kissed a girl” by Katherine Perry… the clarinet version playing incessantly on the loudspeakers.

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