Carry on.

Learning new things

Checked the oil in our van for the first time ever. I found out that it had seriously been depleted… so I ran out to the local esso station to go to the full serve section. Unfortunately it was closed. I knew that the van needed oil, but I had no idea where to put it. I went to the guy at the cash register and he was so kind and not condescending in any way whatsoever. He patiently said, “Just wait a minute and I show you what you need to do”.

He checked my oil again to be sure I did it right and said, “Yup… you definitely need oil.” And he pointed out a cap with the word “OIL – 5W30” on it. “That’s where you put the oil in. Since you’ve practically run out, you’ll probably need to put in a bottle and a half to fill it up. But don’t over flow it or it’ll cause problems.”

What a really nice guy! And it only cost a few dollars.

The next challenge? How to change the oil. But hey… baby steps. Baby steps!

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