Carry on.

Stumbleupon and Flickr

One thing that I love to do is to use stumbleupon and just surf flickr, looking at all these beautiful places.

But sometimes, I feel like I’m just torturing myself, seeing all those places and not being able to be there… after all, the people who get to go to these places are the ridiculously rich or with some measure of power and influence. I, at the moment have little of either.

And when will I get the opportunity to go to at least one of those places? It looks like so many things are in the way, and people just pile it on. I have so much responsibility, so many people depending on me, so many obligations to others… that I just can’t see myself hopping on a plane and getting out there to those places that I long to see.

And when all these obligations are fulfilled, when the last cent is paid, when at last, I have time to do a little bit of what I dream to do, will my wife and I be young enough to enjoy it?

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