Carry on.

More things to look forward to..

Dumbledore said that it’s not wise to dwell on dreams. Of course, he was just a character in a book, so what does he know?

He may be right, but the occasional work of the imagination of achieving those dreams, no matter how impossible it may seem, can work wonders for hope and energy. Without having something to shoot for, to work for, to achieve, I don’t think that you can get very far in life.

It is difficult for me to live my life knowing that the only thing that lies ahead is the same thing that happens every day. I always have to have something amazing, crazy or grandiose to look forward to.

If it doesn’t happen… I can just mourn for a day or so and move on to the next thing. No big deal. It’s the hope that counts.

I looked at my list again… and I’m excited. I don’t know when anything on that list will happen. But happen they will.

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