Carry on.

From dream to goal to reality.

They say that no dream worth having is a dream that is easily obtained. This means that my dream to travel the world, and take my wife and children with me is a dream worthy of pursuing – and working for.

For the past few years, I have been living my dream vicariously. Reading books and magazines about far off places, analyzing blog entries of people’s experiences with amazing and new cultures, watching podcasts and TV shows of people smelling and tasting new flavours and new dishes from the far flung corners of the earth.

For those of you living in those far off places and have had the fortune of wandering this great world of ours, you probably know that living vicariously through pages and endles code of 0’s and 1’s isn’t the same as smelling the beautiful stench that known as Manchester’s Curry Mile. (“Follow the Smell,” the bloke said, “You’ll find it.”) Watching 삼계탕 stewing in the pot on Iron Chef America isn’t the same as sitting in one of the oldest restaurants in 경벅궁 and drinking in the yummy broth with a spoonful of rice from a metal tin.

And here I am sitting at a desk, day after day, and lying on my bed awake at night wondering when I can take my family to experience these things that I have experienced in my younger days as a student and as a missionary. I wonder and dream of the day where my wife and I can take our children hand in hand on a plane to experience new locales, new tastes and new people – together

I’ve been pinning my hopes on just one thing: applying to the Department of Foreign Affairs and International trade to become a foreign service officer. I didn’t make it the first time. I went through the whole process, only to find out at the end of the year long process that I didn’t have what they were looking for at the time.

So I tried again. And I will keep trying again until I make it. This dream is much to vivid in my imagination to just let it go and settle for a life I know will always make me wonder “what if”.

I must try, and keep trying. And pray that it will happen. I must.

For I can’t bear the alternative for much longer.

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