Carry on.

Wow! People actually read this!

I’m really surprised that people actually read  the stuff that I write here. Truth be told, I only write stuff here so that I have some sort of a journal of the stuff that runs through my head. It’s not pullitzer prize material. And most of the time, it’s full of illogical, ideological contradictions that don’t make any sense. And some of it is just plain wrong.

Still, it is a repository my thoughts, my convictions and things I believe in. And if I am wrong, I hope that you can let me know. If there’s something that I’m missing, a point of view that my puny brain has not yet been able to process yet, I’d appreciate the occasional comment here or there.

Heh… of course, if you agree with me, a comment here or there wouldn’t hurt either!

Thanks for reading, and stay in touch.

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