Carry on.

My PVR is working again!!!

My MythTV setup is online again, and it’s running quite smoothly… knock on wood. Got most of it working, but I’ve realized that my box doesn’t have the processing power to handle the hi-def streams. So, it’s strictly a Standard definition setup, but at least it’s a dual tuner, complete with the music, photos and video setup properly.

I had a PVR setup running for over year, running on five-year-old spare parts. Unfortunately, the power supply died, then the hard drive… then the mobo kicked the bucket. I was happy to get as much running out of it as I did.

THis one is running from spare parts as well… can’t afford the seven hundred dollars that a Shaw PVR costs, and I can’t afford to buy Front Row or a mac mini. So, a used old Dell from an office would have to do.

So far so good. I’ve managed to pull the tuners out of the old box and thank goodnees they both work still.

I suppose I could get the hi def box running through Myth, using an IR blaster so I can record the hi-def channels (albeit at Standard def resolution). But that sorta defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? I probably would use it just for viewing HI-def content, or when both tuners are recording something. Gotta get another splitter… and another patch cord.

I hope Evelyn would be pleased. At least she’ll be able to control the TV viewing more effectively now that she can time shift the shows to whatever time she wants. And we can control the shows a bit better too.

Let’s hope that the box last longer than a few years! 🙂

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