Carry on.

Trying hard not to give in…

Don’t get me wrong. I love the Wii. If we go to a friend’s or relative’s house, we go all hard core on the Wii… Ravin Rabbits and all. But to have it in our home would mean three things:

I know myself. I know that if I cave into the pressure to buy the Wii that I’ll become addicted. If that’s the case with me, I can only imagine what it would be like with my children if we allow it into the house.

Secondly, it would mean that we’d have to actually buy new games. And I know that if I buy one, I just can’t stop at that. So what appears to be a great deal: 4 nunchuck/wii remotes with Wii Music and two other games for only $300.00, will actually turn into a $600-$700 investment in additional games, plug ins, accessories.

Finally, the time spent playing games. As much fun as they are, does it really matter how loud my burping is in Ravig Rabbits? Will the world be a better place if Nicolas and I actually score a perfect game?

But the fun you get from the Wii can’t be ignored either. Not to mention the time spent together having fun with my children.

But there are other ways, less expensive and more effective ways, to have fun. There are more important things to do than spending time talking into a Wii remote or hopping up and down on DDR.

I could build lego with Nicolas, pretend that I’m a horse with Euna and Zeta. I can give Calvin a bigg zrbtt on his cheek and get even better results than I would with the week.

I say this as I have a Wii available in my shopping cart at Dell. It’s hard to delete the cart and move on.


Whew… resisted the temptaion. I’d better get going before I give in again.

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