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More Processed Meat

Filipinos send a huge box or two back home in October by ship… in time for the Christmas Holiday season. Also, those who go back to visit usually fill their suitacases or large boxes with the above to be enjoyed by the many relatives and friends they visit. These boxes are called Balikbayan Boxes.¬†And a whole shipping industry has sprouted up in North America to handle it.

I thought that I had escaped this tradition after I left the house. But it was when I got married that I realized just how important it is to share the time and effort to put this together for our family in the Philippines. The processed meat in particular brings the joy. And any bit of joy you can share with loved ones is time and money well spent… (if we only had a little bit more of the latter, we would have been able to send one this year)

Growing up, mom and dad would never seal the balikbayan boxes until we got to the airport. They would weigh the box there and remove roughly 20-30% of what they packed because of the large amount of “Processed meats”.

Only then would they would seal it duct tape and it would somehow make it there. I’ve never seen anyone’s reaction to the opening of the box… Hopefully they enjoy it.

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