Carry on.

Wings unclipped – time to soar.

I received my GMAT score the other day. Although it was not as high as I had hoped, I feel that it’s high enough to get into the programs that I’m considering. After all, going to Harvard, Wharton and the big Ivy league schools are neither practical nor realistic for my family. However, UBC, SFU and even perhaps Carleton or University of Ottawa may be be in the cards, depending on what happens over the next few years. It’s nice to know that I have a competitive score and analytical writing assessment to go to one of those schools.

With the GMAT out of the way, I can now focus on other things, provided that I make the time and strive for perfection in whatever it is I set out to do.

I received my performance assessment at work and I did quite well. But there were a few glaring shortcomings that I need to address if I am ever to get ahead in the company. Although I do my best, I still let time sensitive items fall through the cracks. Furthermore, I need to develop a sense of perfection and detail orientation – a skill which I have not yet been able to master. I used to be a perfectionist in my younger days, but the somehow, over the past ten years, the words “good enough” or “do what’s needed” crept into my vocabulary.

I have no reason to be this way. I need to follow the admonition of the savior: “Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father who is in Heaven is perfect.” ~ Matthew 5:48

Personal integrity and honour in keeping my commitments, covenants and promises comes to mind. Personal honour and honesty┬áis what I have agreed to do. This commitment needs to be paramount in my life. Perfection and quality in the work that I do is essential if I am to succeed in life, both spiritually and temporally. Perfection at keeping my family is essential to be a truly forever family. I must lose the mindset of “good enough” and replace it with the mindset of perfection. Only then I can truly soar.

This is going to be a breakout year. I am looking forward to the possibilities. My wife, she deserves the very best. I owe it to her to give it.

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