Carry on.

Seventeen times two is…

Thirty-four. More precisely, the year ahead. My 34th year.

What am I going to do this year?


1) Save up for something: Need a new laptop in the next year or so. Don’t want to use plastic to get it either. If something is worth $1500, I should pay $1500… not $1500 + 3 years of interest. By this time next year, hopefully I’ll be writing this post on a Lenovo Elite Thinkpad X200s. Follow up Nov 15 2009: Not completed. But instead, I ended up buying new ram chips, replaced the screen and upgraded to windows 7. Good as new, so it’ll last a couple more years. Did the same with the desktop. Saved lots of money there.

2) Read a book: The great thing about school was that we got to read so many books and learn about new things. I need to dust cobwebs collecting on the old grey matter and read a book or three. Follow-up, November 15, 2009: COMPLETED! Read several travel and food books during the summer. I need to do this more.

3) Weigh less than 200 lbs – For the regular readers, you know that I’ve been struggling with this for quite some time. One bright spot last year was that my weight went from 232 lbs at the beginning of the year to 214 lbs as of today! Not too shabby. All it took was the eliminiation of eating fast food at lunch time. According to the BMI, I should weigh between 143 to 179, so I got a lot more work to do. I’ll give myself one year to get under 200, then the final year to get to the healthy weight. I’ve been able to steadily get the weight down slowly, but it would be nice if I could consistently keep it off. Follow-up November 15, 2009: Completed! For several months of the year, I went down to 199-200. I’m back at 210, but the following year seems to be promising in terms of exercise. Yup, That’s right! I’m going to an exercise program.

4) Learn how to play, “In your own sweet way” by Dave Bruebeck. A nice favorite of mine. Incomplete. No time.

5) Change the oil and install my own snow tires on our Van. Need to get dirty. Follow up November 15, 2009: COMPLETED! I can now change my own oil and tires on the Van. Performed several oil changes. But with the time compression and hectic schedule next year, I think I’ll leave it to the professionals next year.

My spiritual and family goals will be on a private post. Sorry!

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