Carry on.

Sometimes you just have to leave things behind.

I looked at my blog. I noticed that it has become a glorified twitter page, rather than a blog. So, from this point forward, you won’t be receiving any twitter updates here. If you want to keep track of me, feel free: Little quotes here and there didn’t provide enough detail for what’s been going on in our life.

Would you believe that it’s been 96 days since I’ve ever been to MacDonalds or the food court for lunch? It could have been a lot longer, but we went to MacDonalds during the summer when we went to Calgary. But that’s OK. I think that I’m getting some great results. My wife can actually feel my ribs now and I’ve been able to fit into a few pairs of pants that I haven’t been able to for awhile. Also, some new pairs of pants need to be sized down so I don’t look like someone with a tied bag around my waist.

It’s exciting. I look forward to the  day that I fit into my missionary suit. Yep. I still have it. And it still looks quite good, provided that I could fit into it.

A friend told me, “Brother Cruz, sometimes you just have to leave things behind.” What he meant was that there are somethings that have very little value in your life. Although they may provide pleasure, they need to be dropped in order to dedicate more time to things that matter, like family, service and our overall relationship with the Maker.

So, fast food is one thing, computer games is another. Warcraft in particular. For the past year, I’ve had neither the time nor the inclination to log in and waste precious hours on a dungeon raid. In fact, other than that I can’t think of any game that I had any passion for as of late. Tbe realistic though, I do recognize that my computer can’t run anything new anyway.  It’s nice to have an extra layer of protection.

I came close to breaking though today… had a chance to go to MacDonalds, but decided to leave at the last minute. I didn’t want to have that feeling of starting my counter all over again.

So this Friday, the 31st, I will have to do my weigh in. My original weight when I started this was 224 lbs. A month later, it was 217. We’ll see how much I weight this Friday. Hopefully I can last that long.


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