Carry on.

Piano is tuned…

.. and I’m on youtube listening to someone else playing the guitar or piano. Although I enjoy hearing myself play, it sounds so much better listening to someone who has actual skill. But it’s interesting how I can still play a few things. Jacky Cheung… heh. But there are few joys out there that are greater than playing on the piano you grew up with, after it has been tuned. The keys may feel a bit looser, the wooden finish may have been rubbed off the side, but it’s my mom and dad’s piano. And they let me bring it home.

Funny thing… I looked at some of my old books and I thought to myself, “Did I really play these things? They’re quite hard.” Then I look at the other books and wonder, “Imagine if I stuck with it.” I’d actually be able to play them. I’d actually be able to play jazz.

Now that the piano is here, I can start anew. Sherlock has his violin. I have my piano.


Evelyn’s at microtanner training (scout leader training) so she’s away for a couple of days. She deserves the time away. She works so hard. I wish I could just take a couple days off with her and walk around the beach or something… or downtown… or anywhere.

Our tradition is putting the kids to bed, getting all the garbage together and walk to the dumpster at the end of our complex. I look forward to it every evening. Sometimes we don’t even have a full bag but we go anyway, and we take the long way around back to the house.

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