Carry on.

Bought a suitcase…

I have made it a long-standing policy to never blog about work. You’ll never know who’s reading your blog (unless you make an effort in looking through your apache log files and hack the IP addresses of your visitors). But you know something? I really love my job!

Occasionally, we get opportunities to fly around western Canada to conduct focus groups – a great opportunity to look inside companies to find out what they need. Although my job normally involves quantitative analysis around an engagement study, sometimes a more qualitative analysis of the company in the focus group is needed  to back up the numbers.

And my employer gives me that opportunity to experience that firsthand.

So… after going through a few of these, we thought it was high-time that I actually bought a suitcase instead of borrowing one from other family members.

By the way, WordPress 2.6 is absolutely wonderful!

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