Carry on.

What next, Captain?

I remember writing a blog entry about how accomplishing goals are like mountains. After you climb one mountain, you quickly realize that there are lots of other mountains beyond the horizon that need to be climbed.

After completing my business degree, attaining the job that I wanted, and purchased the house that’s just right for our needs, it feels like there are no mountains to climb.

For the past five years, my psyche has gotten used to the “constant struggle”, the late nights and the endless sacrifices that we all had to make as a family. Now that we have arrived to this point in our lives where all we have is our work, our family and our church, it seems like that constant struggle missing.

I know that I should be grateful for all the blessings we have received. And I truly am. But I have lived my life knowing what I will do next with my life. There was always the next course, or the next job, or the next accomplishment. But what now?

Perhaps the struggle that I face is more subtle. Perhaps the next stage in my life is merely living it out, and not screwing it up. No…. I can’t accept this. Life is not for merely living it out. Life is there to discover and to create new dreams, new opportunities. It is there so that we have an opportunity to help others live a better life (whether it be spiritual or temporal).

As commander Sulu would say, “What next, Captain?” What should I be doing? Where should I be going? What’s the next mountain to climb? Some would say, “The next goal should be your Master’s Degree”. I’ve considered it, but I need at least 3-4 years in my job to bring something of value to that table.

I need to create a set of new long term goals. I haven’t really been focusing on  anything in particular since I’ve graduated. I think that’s where the problem lies and why I feel so “underutilized”. Now that things are stable, I have a great opportunity to the things that I really didn’t have time for (provided that I wake up early before the kids!)

Learning Languages

Reading books (outside of the academic textbook area)


Exercise and weight loss

Website programming in Flash.

Learn Linux administration.

I feel much better now. There’s so much that I can do and I actually have time to do it (again provided that I wake up early before the kids).

I have decided that the process of turning dreams to reality is an essential part of my existence. Without working on this process, there is no reason to continue. This realization implies that:

1. I need to dream. In spite of what others tell me, Dreaming, or the ability to see what my life could hopefully be like in the future, will help me point myself in the right direction. I used to have this ability to dream. For some reason, I haven’t done it in awhile.

2. I need to work in the present to accomplish those dreams.

3. I need to be excited and have a passion for these dreams. I cannot allow anyone to snuff them out.

4. I need the support of my loved ones to help accomplish my dreams

5. I need to help my loved ones in their dreams, hopes and ambitions.  It shouldn’t be just about me.

Hmmm…. at 5:00 in the Morning, it sure is interesting what realizations we develop.

Until next time.

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