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Big upload of journal entries coming … Promise!

Well, seeing that few people actually even read this blog, I’m making a promise to myself to upload my journal entries from my PDA to the Red Onion sometime this week. We moved to our new home in January but without Occupancy permits, we haven’t had the Internet in quite awhile… So I used my PDA to hold my blog entries until I had the chance to upload them. I think there are over 30 entries that I’ve made, mostly on the skytrain to  work outlining the past five months. So much has happened and life is certainly quite different than it was on my last Birthday entry…. and even that entry didn’t make it in time.

Right now, I’m waiting for a flight to Prince George to help in some focus groups for the company that I work for. I’ll be away for a couple of days, then back home then off to Kelowna for another couple of days for more focus groups. It’s hard, yes, but how else am I going to learn more about this career that I’ve chosen than to fully immerse myself in the experience and take advantage of the opportunities.

My wife is happy and supports me in this. I love her and I will not let her down.

I really like this company that I work for and they have been very generous in providing me with the opportunities to learn and to develop my career. Everyone has been so kind and I hope that I can contribute more and more each day.

My youngest child just turned one on Friday and we celebrated his birthday with a simple party with extended family. No big parties, or rented rooms, or catering involved… just a simple party with food that we made with our own hands and our own time. And you know something? It was just as enjoyable as all of the other parties that we have had for our other children over the years! I can’t help but wonder what the future holds for all of them. Their world is certainly a lot more different that it was for me, no matter how hard I try to understand their lingo, their latest toys and their latest trends and fashion.

Case in point. I thought I was pretty neat to even have my own facebook account. As I looked through his wall, my nephew used the word, “Mang”. I had to look it up at To find out what it meant. Being proud of myself for my resourcefulness, I told him about it… and said, “I had to look up what the word, Mang meant, A.” And he said, it’s not Mang (as in ‘mang’o) , Tito. It’s “Mang” (short a sound). Boy did I feel old then.

But what will it be like for my four little ones, three who haven’t even started school yet? Is it every bit as confusing, crazy and exhilarating as it was during my youth? My parents had colour TV. I had BBSes. My youngest cousins had the net. My nieces and nephews have PSPs and mobile phones. What will my children have?

heh…  I just went through the technological paradigms of the past four generations: Baby boomers, Gen x’ers, Gen y’s and millenials… what comes after them? They don’t even have label against their generation yet.  (Mental note: I see a potential for a study here!)

Well, I’m off… and I promise to have all the old/new stuff up here soon(er or later).

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